Kindly note our classes and workshops are very popular and full payment must be done in advance to ensure a place is booked. Please note, the fee is non-refundable unless the class or workshop is cancelled by Ceramics Sculpture Studio.

However, if for any reasons you may want to reschedule a class or workshop, you must notify Ceramics Sculpture Studio not later than three working days after booking. Otherwise rescheduling the date will not be possible.

As soon as we receive your payment an email confirmation will be sent to you. This email will act as a receipt of your order and will imply that you had read and fully understand these terms and conditions.

If the attendee (s) fail to attend the class or workshop for any reasons, kindly note the full fees are payable.

When you book a class or workshop through this website, personal details as your name, email address and payment details will be required. Please ensure that all your contact details are correct. We cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings that may arise due to an incorrect email address, name, written messages or any other incorrect details.

The attendees must be 18+ years to attend this workshop.

Kindly note that for health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in this workshop.

Kindly note that Ceramics Sculpture Studio is not designed and does not have the right personnel to assist and teach people with any kind of disability.

The bisque fired artwork made during the workshop will be ready for collection in 3 - 4  weeks time and you will be notified by email. We cannot be held responsible for any of your artworks that break or explode in the kiln.

We give students the chance to glaze their artwork made at the workshop. Glazing is not a must, you can collect your artwork as it is, but if you choose to glaze your artwork we can arrange a one-hour glaze session every Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm. Kindly note this is the only day we can arrange glaze sessions!

Glazing fee is £35 per person and must be paid at the studio in cash only.

We will only keep hold of your artwork made at the studio for 14 days after the bisque firing email confirmation. You must claim and collect your artwork within this time frame, otherwise, all your artwork will be disposed of or donated to our local charity.